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General Counsel

A complex business world requires access to quality general legal advice. The experienced attorneys of G & G are the perfect team to trust for general-counsel services and legal strategy. 


We can work with you at every stage of your legal needs, through various forms of engagement. Whether you need us to take the lead in litigation, help an existing litigation team as co-counsel, manage legal resources, or provide overall legal strategy and guidance, we will help you efficiently and effectively manage your legal needs. By using G & G for general-counsel services, you will have access to sophisticated and dedicated legal advice and management, so that you do not have to face legal issues alone. 

Experience: From the US Supreme Court to the Board Room

From pre-filing investigations to managing mergers and spin-offs, G & G has experience with a broad array of legal matters. In addition, we experience managing large teams of outside counsel, including international teams, to help clients get the most value from legal counsel and manage legal needs efficiently. Our firm can provide companies with readily available general-counsel services either through traditional hourly rates or via an alternative subscription service. 

To give you some idea of the breadth of experience that G & G has, here is a listing of the venues, matters, and industries that we have experience in:


■ United States Supreme Court
■ Northern, Central, and Southern Districts of California
■ District of Arizona
■ District of Delaware
■ District of Massachusetts
■ Eastern and Western Districts of Texas
■ Eastern District of Virginia
■ Los Angeles County Superior Court
■ United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and Ninth Circuit
■ International Trade Commission


■ Patent (Utility & Design)

■ Copyright

■ Trade Dress

■ Trademark

■ Trade Secret

■ False Advertising

■ Unfair Business Practices

■ Class-Action Defense

■ Insurance Coverage

■ Commercial Disputes

■ Business Reorganization

■ Easements

■ Liens

■ BIT Arbitration

■ Water Rights

■ California Tax


■ California Constitutional Law

■ US Constitutional Law

■ Employment Agreements

■ Joint Venture Agreements

■ Licensing 

■ Mergers & Acquisitions



■ Agriculture & Dairy

■ Consumer Goods

■ Water Filtration

■ Entertainment/Streaming/TV
■ Speech Recognition
■ Memory Chips 
■ Mobile Web Browsing
■ Seismic Data Acquisition 
■ LEDs
■ Lens Design 
■ Music
■ Wireless Communication 
■ DVRs
■ Video gaming
■ Consumer electronics 
■ SaaS
■ Oil & Gas
■ Food
■ Fashion 
■ Art


Either as a separate service or part of our general-counsel services, we can work with your existing litigation team to improve important briefs and motions. Many companies hire IP counsel based on excellent technical comprehension—but this does not always translate to excellent legal writing. That's where we come in.


Gunnar worked for a year as an appellate clerk and received a Master's Certificate in Legal Writing from the Academy of American Legal Writers, where he was awarded the Jackson Achievement Award. Wendi was a Pepperdine Law Review Editor, judicial extern for Judge Mosman of the District of Oregon, and commercial litigator at Kirkland & Ellis LLP. We know how to communicate with judges, especially ones without technical training.


If you have an important motion or brief coming up, please consider engaging us as co-counsel to help your main litigation team. Our combined engineering and legal experience provide a unique skill set to help co-counsel make your best case.

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