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Do I really need to update my estate plan?

You already have an estate plan but is it up to date?

Many people I have talked to think that once they have an estate plan prepared, they are done. Guess what? Your estate plan may not be up to date and may no longer be meeting your needs.

I advise my clients to review their estate plans at least every three years. If you have experienced any major life changes since your estate plan was prepared, you most likely need to update it.

Major life changes include: birth of a child, death of a spouse or child, purchasing a new home, selling a home, retiring, or a change in financial circumstances. Each of these situations can make your current estate plan obsolete.

Even if you have not experienced a major life change, you should still review your estate plan every three years because of changes in the law. If you are unsure whether the law has changed, an estate-planning attorney can review your estate plan to ensure it still accomplishes your goals under the current law.



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