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Have a vacation home out of state? You might need a trust.

What happens to that vacation home you own out of state when you die? If it's not in a trust, your vacation home will go through probate in the state it is in. This means that your estate will have all the hassle of probate, but now in a state your family does not live in.

When real property is probated, it must be probated in the state it is located in, not in the state the owner resided. So, if you own a house in California, and you die, your house will go through probate in California. If you own a vacation home in Utah, your vacation home will go through probate in Utah when you die. Of course, then your estate will have to pay probate fees in two states, and your loved ones will have to deal with the hassle of probate in a place where they do not live.

But if you put all of your real property into a revocable trust, your estate can avoid probate altogether. This is just one of the many benefits of a revocable trust.



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