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Help! Where Do I Keep My Estate Plan?

You already have an estate plan. It's in a beautiful binder. Now where do you keep it?

I tell my clients to keep their estate plan in a safe place that is easily accessible by other family members. This means keep it in a safe place in your home: not a safe-deposit box. And let your agents, trustees, and executors know where you put it. This way it is easy to find and produce in an emergency.

If you have to evacuate your home for any reason (fire, flood, etc.), take your estate plan with you. These documents are important, and you should try to preserve the originals if at all possible.

Lastly, not every attorney keeps copies of estate-planning documents. So if you lose your estate plan, you may have to draft a new one. I recommend scanning a copy of your estate plan after it is signed and witnessed so that you can store a copy in the cloud. This way you will always have a copy.



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