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G + G Represents Intellectual Property Owners Association at WIPO Hosted 40th SCCR Session

On Monday through Friday of last week, on behalf of IPO, Copyright and Anti-Piracy Committee member, Gunnar Gundersen (Gundersen & Gundersen LLP) attended the 40th Session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, which was hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). There were over 140 participants and observers, from all across the world and representing several types of stakeholders. The meeting was held in hybrid format at WIPO Headquarters in Geneva and via an online platform. Topics covered included proposed language of the Treaty for Protecting Broadcasting Organizations; related limitations and exceptions for research institutions, persons with disabilities, libraries, and educators; and the artist resale royalty right.

The challenges presented to content creators by Covid-19 was a major topic of conversation. Attention was given to the fact that not all creative/cultural economic participants have the same access to the new alternative revenue streams that have arisen to meet the need of generating revenue while Covid-19 restricts traditional revenue opportunities.

The position of many of the country participants was that active diplomatic negotiation could not occur in the hybrid format, but that it would hopefully occur in the 41st Session.

Many of the NGOs that participated seemed to be of the mind that the necessary protections and exceptions for cultural and educational activities are not currently reflected in the current treaty and working documents.

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