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Hitting the Silicon Slopes

This past week, Salt Lake City hosted the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.

G & G was there to see the new and exciting developments in tech—not only in Utah but nationally. The great part about the event is that even though many of the companies are Utah based—they all have national and international reach and relationships. So this is a conference that is relevant to all people who love tech. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s held in one of the best places in the world to ski—during ski season.

The conference hit many important points about the nuts and bolts of running tech companies—including branding, reaching customers, and scaling your company.

But the conference also made sure to capture other aspects of running a business related to living an integrated life. This gave the conference a great blend of providing both practical guidance and inspiration. Some of the more inspirational programming focused on how to do good with your company and support equal pay—truly important issues in our time.

The most important take away in the opening sessions was this: all companies are tech companies now. Every company—at some level—is dealing with platforms, data, apps, and other technology tools. And tech has never been more integrated into consumer interactions as it is now.

I could not agree more. This is why—regardless of whether you are a new company or established—you need legal eyes to help

you navigate these new tech-based strategies and relationships to avoid legal pitfalls and to leverage your IP assets to drive value.



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